Shrida Shah

Marketing website for LegalE

UI ∙ Marketing Design ∙ Visual Design

LegalE is a company that assists legal teams in streamlining their processes and digitizing their workflows.

We designed a software-as-a-service (SaaS) product that enables lawyers and law firms to transition all their operations to a digital platform. We also helped them with a marketing website.


To increase brand recognition and awareness, LegalE required a marketing website. The website needed to showcase the significant endeavor of driving digital transformation within the legal industry.


To establish the new brand’s credibility, we aimed for the user to land on the about page through multiple touch-points across the site, given the purpose was to introduce the brand.


As a startup, it was essential to inform potential customers of the benefits of the product. This was achieved through clear and organized content, but it was also important for users to become familiar with the app’s interface. To address this, we incorporated micro-graphics of the app throughout the website.

We created micro-graphics that were simplified versions of the actual workflows to help users familiarise while not revealing too much.

In addition, we developed personalized iconography for the brand to maintain its visual style and language.


The website was a hit among potential customers and clients due to its user-friendly interface and advanced AI integration, which greatly simplified the search process. Users appreciated these features and found them very helpful.