The Client

Whether you are a photographer or even just someone looking to share memories, ZOZOPIC is the perfect place for you to showcase pictures. Make a spectacular portfolio or a beautiful gallery using our Portfolio Builder to wow people!

The Objective

The objective was to create colour palette and iconography for their brand. I also developed the UX of their backend user panel.

The Project

I chose these colours as a primary colour palette to represent ZozoPic as a brand that is both fun and functional. These colours create a visual language that is eye-catching and engaging. The iconography style has a fun undertone to it. All this was conceived after considering the purpose of the brand — promotion of photography, which is more often than no a ritual for happy events.

The Backend Panel

This particular panel is to be used by ZozoPic’s primary customer — Photo Studios,Freelance Photographers. After thorough research on their competitors, I developed a backend panel that covered all of unique features that ZozoPic provided in the most user-friendly way.

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