Shrida Shah

Launching a GSC website for global results company

UX Design

HSO, a global partner that leverages Microsoft technology to provide solutions for businesses, is headquartered in the Netherlands.

To expand their global service centers, HSO is adding four new offices in India, Philippines, and North Macedonia. We were asked to build a website to attract talent to these GSCs.


The primary objective of this website was to effectively showcase the company’s values, culture, and mission, with the ultimate goal of attracting top-tier talent to join their team.


HSO has a very strong and fleshed-out design system in place. The system is comprehensive, including color palettes, typography choices, and even specific interaction patterns. We paid particular attention to the user journey, ensuring that users could quickly and easily navigate through the platform.

We simplified the job search process for HSO by geo-tagging the careers page to automatically open career details page based on user location.


While adhering to Emeritus’s brand guidelines, we aimed to create a digital experience that was sophisticated and polished. We designed a clean aesthetic while effectively conveying essential information about the company to potential candidates.


The leadership team was impressed by our effort, and the website flawlessly looked like a part of the HSO family. The website has helped onboard many candidates, as it has become a medium for learning about the company and their newly opened Global Service Centres.