The Objective

During my time at Roar Studios, I was responsible for conceptualising and developing a product line for Roar Studios Shop.

The Idea

On a lookout for inspiration I dug into one of the subjects I studied at University – Indian Art History. After thorough research, thought, bouncing ideas off off my colleagues and with the guidance of our Art Director, Rohan Nannavati, formulated this idea.

The Name & the Illustration

Chorus – a chorus of chaos in theme, intricacy in the rendered, simplicity in form and beauty in the whole in a चोरस.
India, a country of diverse unity. It is country of contradictions uttered all at once—in a Chorus. Looking at the lavish cultural history of this country, a distinctive style of painting—The Indian Miniature Painting— was remarkably widespread. The traditional miniature painters paid meticulous attention to detail. They broke the conventional perspective standards to fit in more of what was already brewing in the painting. Chorus has taken inspiration from the miniature style of painting with a contemporary approach. Chorus is a चोरस artwork that can be viewed from all its four sides.


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